Super Compact Take-Down Nomad Survival Bow and Arrow Set

$94.95 each Out of stock Weight: 2.735 lb
Width: 4 in
Length: 4 in
Height: 18 in

  • The Nomad Survival Bow and Arrow Set will take down to store in its pouch and is only 17 inches in length.  Fully assembeled, the Nomad is 48 inches long.

    The 2 piece fiberglass/resin limbs assemble together by slipping them into the bracket and then placing the assembled limbs into the brackets mounted to the riser. Assembly requires no tools. Just string the bow and its ready to shoot.

    The super compact take down Nomad survival bow comes with 3 survival arrows that simply twist together. The Nomads caring pouch is used as a quiver that will sling over the back or tightened around the waist to hold the fully assembled arrows while hunting.

    • Compact take down design made in the USA
    • Available in 45 lb. draw only.
    • Super strength fiberglass riser and limbs
    • Arrow rest included
    • Includes 3 break down arrows and carrying case

    *All risers come with a right and left handed rest.
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2017-01-03 13:30
Hi, why is it only available in 45 pounds, can it not go to lets say 60 pounds. Thanks
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2017-08-14 05:32
I use bows from 70 to 85 lbs. Your bows are a great idea but your producing them at Target bow poundages. These may occasionally take down a deer but I have seen so many wounded deer running across my property from the nieghborhood with arrows flopping stuck in them and it's terribly cruel. I always find the Hunter was using a bow with fifty five or less pounds. Even sixty pound bows can do this if the shit is too long. Please produce bows from sixty five to seventyvfive lbs as an option. I realize that there are people who cannot pull these bows but many men can and know why they are a better option . With bows a person who wants to hunt big game needs to use the highest poundage they can personally use. It depends on thier strength. Women and teens should be in the fifty five to sixty pound range as an average.
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2017-08-14 05:34
Sorry my comment had errors. I couldn't use spell check and did not catch the word meant to be "shot".

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