survival packs

Xpectre’s survival packs are durable and available in two sizes. The packs are the heavy duty Fox Outdoors 1800 cubic inch Medium Transport field pack and the 2800 cubic inch Tactical Duty field pack. They are available in Olive Drab or Black (please specify when ordering) Each pack is equipped for outdoor survival plus a 3 day emergency food supply (three 2400 calorie each food bar packs). We do not supply the bagged water as some other places do. It is a lot cheaper for the consumer to pack four 16oz. bottled water which has the same shelf-life as expensive emergency bagged water not to mention, saving the additional shipping charges for the additional weight. There will be some extra space in the larger Tactical Duty pack for other gear such as cold weather gear and water bottles. In the Medium Transport pack, there will be room for water bottles and some other small gear.