Survival Take Down Arrows 1/2 Dozen

$59.95 each

Survival Take-Down Arrows

1/2 dozen arrows for $69.95.

Premium take-down arrows. Break down to 1/2 size for easy compact storage. Simply twist together and ready to be used. 
A must for any survival bow kit.
Product Features
• Compact take-down arrows
• Twist together for quick assembly
• Tips included
• Fletching color may vary. 3 inch veins

Arrow Tip:
Approx Specs:
Tip to tip length: 31.5"
Break down size: 16"
4" fletching vanes
500 - 7.4gpi - 100% CARBON

Notes: This is a custom break down arrow, do Not Flex before use. 
With the modifications approx weight is 200, and not the std 500. 
Recommended for use with bows 55lb or less.
Always inspect arrows for safety before each use.

List of the comments:
I was wondering if the tips can be changed for broadhea/flathead tips, also as a survival tool, perhaps a more durable/rugged arrow would be better than a carbon one?
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