Replacement Limbs Set

$19.95 each
Bow Draw Weight

Purchase an extra set (2) of interchangable limbs for your Spectre II Survival Bow to change the draw weight, or simply to have an extra set of limbs handy.  Rapture Limbs only work with the Rapture Bow.

Please select from drop down option your choice of Limb for 35#, 45#, 55# or Rapture Bow.

Limbs have a 1 year warrenty.  Some wear and tear, including marking where the limb meets the end of the riser is normal and expected.

List of the comments:
Please send me the replacement limbs for the rapt or 45/50 bow.
I just goofed! while working on the bow string installing a set of silencers, I had strung the bow in order to tie them in; I was not paying attention and placed the limbs in Backwards! Naturally one spilt! Therefore I need a have found the #55 is a bit hard for me to pull..can I replace the limbs with a #45? I Will order the new set of #45 on the 3rd of May when my check hits the bank.How do I go about ordering them at that time? Really do like the bow and found your add on utube 101!
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