Spectre II

Common price: $74.95 Our price: $74.95 each
Bow Draw Weight

$74.95 The compact take-down Spectre II survival bow and arrow set will be ideal for any survival hunting needs at an affordable price. The fiberglass/resin limbs assemble together by slipping them into the bracket mounted to the riser. Assembly requires no tools. Just string the bow and its ready to shoot. The take down bow fits nicely into the pouch / quiver with the 3 arrows.

Product Features
• Compact take down design made in the USA
• Available in 25 / 35 / 45 / 55 lb. draw.
• Super strength fiberglass riser and limbs
• Arrow rest included
• Includes 3 - 30 inch arrows and 23 inch nylon webbing pouch
• String

*All risers come with a right and left handed rest.

List of the comments:
I did put an order in but your web site did not take the order. Do you except PayPal?
Yes when the order come through I would like the 55 lbs for the order.
love your shop
I live in Canada , will you ship to us? If not, is there a dealer in Canada?
Two questions: what is the size of the bow when disassembled, and are extra arrow available?
Quanto é o envio para Brasil cep. 59196000
can you ship to Ireland


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