Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year from the Xpectre Team!

Thank you to everyone that supported our business over the past year!  We are looking ahead to the New Year and some new products, updating a bow and bringing more survival/tactical gear to our website. 

Of course our bows are unique to our web store, but you can find them on Amazon as well as some fantastic dealers around the world.  Stop in one of the shops and check them out in person or catch one of our dealers at a trade show! 

One of the items I am testing out this month to add to our survival gear is a solar charger for rechargeable batteries.  My thoughts to this is how do I keep my kids happy during a long term power outage.  I will be thankful the electronic devices will soon shut down, but what about a night light.  My daughter (and secretly myself) is not a fan of complete darkness.  So picking up a small LED touch light, that you can pick up at any store, even the Dollar Store, and keeping it in you household kit , is a great idea if you have small people in your home.  The solar chargers are an excellent idea for your flashlights and essential items, just ask the people still without power on the island of Puerto Rico.  I found an inexpensive one to test on Amazon for $30.  The prices go from about $30-$150.  Then your brain gets going on what else can I power with Solar Power!  Amazing thing our Sun!   

Which leads me to my next topic.  Solar Flares.  I listen every morning to Suspicious0bservers YouTube channel.  Everyday, I get the latest update on the solar weather and how it impacts our beautiful home planet.  Of course, there is always the threat of a geopolitical war, where some world leader decides to set off an EMP, but that has been threatened for years and we are still good.  Our sun is even more unpredictable than our world leaders.  Studies are showing how much of an effect the suns CME's and Coronal Holes have on our geomagnetic field, which in turn effects our weather, plate movement and some say even our moods.  I will leave it to you to research.  But to get back on topic, Solar Flares.  They disrupt our high altitude communications all the time.  They have been known in the not so distant past to disrupt our electrical systems.  So after I test out my new Solar Charger and find that it works...It is going into a Faraday Bag, along with some rechargeable batteries.  Already have old jump drives and even an old phone and applicable cables stored in insulated boxes and bags.  Because who knows? 

The purpose of prepping and learning survival skills to me is to make myself at ease knowing I have the essential skills and necessities during an emergency.  Whatever that emergency proves to be.  May all our emergencies be as simple as losing power during a storm and not the Zombie Apocalypse.  

Speaking of Zombie Apocalypse, check out Zombat, written by Carlton Rae.  Excellent book for surviving social breakdown in an Urban or Rural Environment and complete with awesome "real-life" zombie pics

Until next time, have a safe week and stay prepared!

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